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Jerrra Blues – Keeping Me High Lyrics

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Song Title: Keeping Me High
Singer/Band: Jerrra Blues

Lyrics for Jerrra Blues – Keeping Me High

I wanna see i’m gonna hide
It’s for you for a little while
And wearing records on your file
And i want you so bad ‘cause i know you’re so good
And …in my mind
Which isn’t back it by your pride
Continue with another rhyme...

Ooh you’re driving me crazy
That feeling is blazing
I need you to keep me high
So please laugh me or hate me
Take me, break me just don’t lie in me
Baby don’t have a lie ooh ooh !

A jealousy don’t be afraid
If i didn’t trust i wouldn’t date
I give you freedom to create
I took .. feel to the crap
Serenity may give a state
I would prefer to be insane
And get her winner in my plate.

Ooh you’re driving me crazy
That feeling is blazing
I need you to keep me high
But i quit my anticipation
Find a ..rephrasing
It was real and you had me for blind...

Ooh the i’m sipping on the red whine
I feel the kicks then i look fine
To not me thinking of you picking of your lie
‘cause it kind i’m hurt you know
I realize we’re different but you’re strive
You came for something that you’re not gonna find
So then you stare in the back of the night
For the pain is ..to grow
No, it was gonna happen any times to many way
It was gonna happen soon anyway
When was.....

…emotionals doom
I really ..so take all this out my hand
A ..was getting sick
My .. to the end !
I’m so tired of all that shit and i’m like
Baby i miss you so
And his like can’t take this anymore
And were like we gotta bring it back
But when you cheated on me you cheated on ..self
Home people makes mistakes
Don’t waste no time for hate
I live with no regrets but the memory stood in my head.

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