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Aubrey O'Day - Hitchhiker Lyrics

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Song Title: Hitchhiker
Singer/Band: Aubrey O'Day

Lyrics for Aubrey O'Day - Hitchhiker

It’s Aubrey
Walking down the world above seduction
Makes the thing that we .. corruption
That’s a ... no interruption
Tell me how could he passed me of
Sometimes I wanna scream how coul he let me go
Haven’t got over how you stole my soul
Sexy boy for your face and every come ..
Look what you did to me.

And I’m a hitchhiker, gotta get to know,
can you take me there, can you take me there.
I’m a hitchhiker, gotta get to know,
can you take me there while you’re going up
Are you going...

Why do you want all my heart in fire
When all I wanted was to be with you desire
And everything I wanted ..boy
Now I feel my lost in the ..


You find my .. without you
But then ..think the love pass me by
You took the joy that we ..

Hitchhiker, hitchhiker,
Can you take me there...

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