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Drake - Cece's Interlude Lyrics

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Song Title: Cece's Interlude
Singer/Band: Drake
Album: Thank Me Later (2010)

Lyrics to Drake - Cece's Interlude

[Verse 1]
All night I - been staring--can you tell I want you?
Can't be too - wide open--there's nothing I won't do
Just thought you should

That's when you start to laugh (Oh-oh, oh-oh)!
Saying I just want what I can't have (Oh-oh, oh-oh)!
Won't even give me a chance (Oh-oh, oh-oh)!
Claiming I'm just not as serious as you
Shawty if you only knew
This is serious...Unh!

[Verse 2]
I wish I - wasn't famous
I wish I - was still in school
So that I could have you in my dorm room
I would put it on you--crazy !


[Guitar Interlude]

[Repeat 7x] Ho-whoa-oh yeah !

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