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ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S - Ego Trippin' Lyrics

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Song Title: Ego Trippin'

Lyrics to ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S - Ego Trippin'

Ultramagnetic MC's
Ego Trippin' (MC's Ultra Remix)

Party peoples, in the place to be
Just for you, it's the Ultra-magnetic, MC's!
[Keith] Say what, Peter Piper?
[C.Gee] To hell with childish rhymes!
[Keith] Cause this jam is just movin
[C.Gee] The crowd is steady groovin
[Keith] To a supersonic pace
[C.Gee] with highs and STUPID BASS
[Keith] With some pep
[C.Gee] and the step
[Ultra] Cause the beat is so funky the pace is well kept.

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