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Katy Perry - Mannequin Lyrics

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Song Title: Mannequin
Singer/Band: Katy Perry
Album: One Of The Boys (2008)

Lyrics to Katy Perry - Mannequin

How do I get
Closer to you
When you keep
It all on mute
How will I know
The right way
To love you

Usually the queen
Of figuring out
Breaking down a man
Is no work out
But I have no clue
How to get
Through to you

I wanna hit you
Just to see
If you cry
I keep knocking on wood
Hoping there's
A real boy inside

But you're not a man
You're just a mannequin
I wish you could feel
That my love is real

But you're not a man

I wish
I could just
Turn you on
Put a battery in
And make you talk
Even pull
A string for you
To say anything

But with you
There is no guarantee
Only expired warranty
A bunch
Of broken parts
And I can't seem
To find your heart...

I'm such a fool
I'm such a fool
I'm such a fool
Cause this one's
Outta my hands
I can't put you
Back together again...

Cause you're not a man
You're just a Mannequin
I wish you could feel
That my love is real
You're just a toy
Could you ever be
A real, real boy
And understand
But you're not a man...

If the past is the problem,
our future could solve them, baby
I could bring you to life
if you let me inside, baby
It'll hurt
but in the end,
you'll be a man
And understand
That you're not a man...
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