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Miranda Lambert – Easy Living Lyrics

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Song Title: Easy Living
Singer/Band: Miranda Lambert

Lyrics to Miranda Lambert – Easy Living

the weather man
says rain today
we’ll saddle up and be on our way
what’s a little rain to a high ridin’ rebel or two

cuz it’s easy living
easy loving you

people keep searchin’ for a reason why
they say life’s a bitch and then you’ll die
but i can’t see
a reason for their point of view

cuz it’s easy living
easy loving you

talk shows talking how it’s near the end
more lyrics on:
of the one man woman
and the one woman man
we might fight like dogs
but hey we love the makin’ up at the end of the day
tomorrow that old sun will rise
i’ll be laying here by your side
a coffee cup and a good morning kiss or two

cuz its easy living
easy loving you

cuz it’s easy living
easy loving you !

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