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Tyga - Echoes Interlude Lyrics

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Song Title: Echoes Interlude
Singer/Band: Tyga
Album: Careless World: Rise Of The Last King (2012)

Lyrics to Tyga - Echoes Interlude

(The ceiling's falling in, every time you don't know where you've been)
(Our love, seventeen to lifetime)
(The seasons change when we all stay the same)
(The pain I felt back then won't ever go away)
(Echoes call me back to the feeling again)
(Echoes call me back to the feeling again)
(Echoes call me back to the feeling again)

At this point, I realize love is not an emotion I can neglect
My queen thought I wasn't ready for love. She was right
What did love mean to me? It didn't mean anything
Compassion, affection... I just know I wanted it back
Can't be a king without love...!
Love !
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